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So how does it all work with me?

You have the option of “placing your order” for the particular service you need and making immediate payment via PayPal. But I totally understand that this may not suit everybody. We may wish to get to know each other a little better before delving deep into the soul of your business!

Currently, I am coming in quite cheaply price-wise. I’m a new kid on the block and this is to your advantage right now 😉 This does not mean it’s a cheap-on-quality job – I’m too passionate about what I do to make it cheap – I’m also well experienced with writing. My clients tend to request extremely minor changes after they’ve had their proof, as I am very thorough and meticulous with my work.

So I welcome you to make contact with me, send me a little info on what you’re looking to achieve and I can give you a call in return! Or email (whatever you’d prefer).

Once you’re ready to go ahead with the service, payment secures the job. Where you’ve chosen a service that totals above $500, a $500 deposit secures the job. The remainder gets paid after proofing has been completed.

To give you an idea of the workflow, it goes a little like this:

  1. Call or email from me, answering your initial questions
  2. Payment from you to secure the job
  3. Consultation to dive deep into your project
  4. Brief on our discussion and terms of the job – via email
  5. Final agreement or changes to the project – via reply email
  6. I get started !! This includes 3 internal edits covering grammar, syntax, tone, story, cohesion, flow of concepts etc. Phone calls along the way, if required.
  7. Proof is sent to you (usually within 7 days)
  8. Final agreement or changes to the proof – via reply email (usually within 2 days)
  9. Final copy sent, and then
  10. I invite you to keep in touch via email and my socials!

I look forward to partnering up with you!

~ Alicia

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