Sometimes we can sit down at our desks, ready to compose that next blog but fall short with a bout of uncertainty. It made sense in our heads, we have a content plan and we’ve had our morning coffee. But suddenly the words just don’t come and the inspiration runs dry; we’re wondering if anyone will read it anyway?

It is confidence that drives our writing. So what happens when our fountain of confidence dries up? Do we press the button for another liquid drug from the coffee machine? Do we go for a swim or go shopping instead? Oh, I’ll tell you what the best distraction – that other set of tasks we have to complete for our business!

The thing about confidence is that it has various facets to it.

  • There is the confidence you bring from your life’s work until now.
  • Then there is the confidence that you need to inject into your new project / your next blog / your business / your new direction.
  • Finally, there is the confidence you gain from knowing exactly who you’re writing to or what you’re writing about; knowing who your ideal client is or what your topic is.

Words By Alicia Copywriting

Today, I want to focus on the first type of confidence regarding your life’s work because when we are hit with a low in confidence, we tend to forget all the things that we have achieved and surpassed thus far. So let me challenge you with this:

What about the confidence you’ve garnered from your life’s work?

I’m not just talking about work as we traditionally define it, but everything that encompasses living, taking care of ourselves, our home and our children. What of it? Think of everything you have faced, everything you’ve been through and everything you have achieved.

Go on, I dare you: List everything you KNOW you are proud of right now. Take a little time for yourself and honour you for a moment. Then fold the piece of paper into a manageable piece, pop it into your purse or handbag and ull it out whenever you need to write or make a phone call 😉

After you have done that, now tell me, are you REALLY crumbling at the thought of that meeting, that interview or that sales call? ♡ Are you REALLY struggling to string a few sentences together for your website or your next blog? ♡

Words By Alicia Copywriting

To get your mind flowing, I’ll share with you some of the things that I’M proud of from my life so that you can write yours (and please share with me in return!)

I’m pretty happy that I:

* …had various hobbies growing up – roller skating, bike riding, climbing trees, reading, writing, singing, song writing and drawing – allowing me to express my creativity and freedom and to live a full life.

* …completed my undergrad studies with a full set of blood, sweat, tears and a bit of cement… in my heart. I was 1400ks away from home and cried myself to sleep many, many nights.

* …knew when I was NOT to trifle, play with or walk away from the boy I’d met. (Although it felt like he’d never look my way and I didn’t stand half a chance, he saw my soul ♡ and he became my husband).

* …held various jobs in various industries throughout my 20’s. Although it was the LAST thing I was proud of at the time, I am always grateful to understand others due to the different bits and pieces of knowledge and exposure in life I have picked up along the way.

* Became Mumma to.the.most.beautiful girl in the world. Nothing can surpass THAT achievement in my books ♡

What are YOU proud of? Write up that list and I welcome you to share it with me! Then share with your own audience!

If you are struggling to tell your story, I have a wonderful self-paced mini-course that can help you come unstuck. It will help you to go further, deeper and wider from here so that you can gain full clarity on what keeps you from moving forward with your blogging. I look forward to assisting you through that!