I’ve been thinking a lot about why women might get stuck when it comes to writing about themselves, their business or their achievements. Perhaps we get stuck because we were, essentially, taught not to boast or speak too highly of ourselves? Or perhaps it is because we are such givers in the first place that giving a moment to ourselves (such as reflecting and taking the time to write about ourselves) seems foreign to us?

I have been wondering about what it is that we women need in order to write freely? In my rambling thoughts I have concluded that we all need confidence.

After all, it is confidence which drives our writing.

Oh the freedom that comes from confidence #morethanjustwordsmydear #wordsbyalicia #copywriting
Oh the freedom that comes from Confidence!

The thing about confidence is that it has various facets to it.

  • There is the confidence you bring from your life’s work until now.
  • Then there is the confidence you need to inject into your new project / your next blog / your business / your new direction.
  • Finally, there is the confidence you gain from knowing exactly who you’re writing to or what you’re writing about. Knowing who your ideal client is or what your topic is.

In this blog I want to chat about the first facet: So what about the confidence you’ve garnered from your life’s work?

I’m not just talking about work as we traditionally define it, but everything that encompasses living, taking care of ourselves, our home and our children. What of it?

Think of everything you have faced, everything you’ve been through, everything you have achieved. When we stop and think about our achievements, it can be a really humbling experience because we can sit and wonder in awe at the long list of accomplishments. Again, it’s not often in the natural course of daily life that we tend to think about these things.

Achievement was more than what she had ever been told #morethanjustwordsmydear #wordsbyalicia #copywriting
Achievement was more than what she had ever been told

While you’re sitting in that moment of surprise and amazement, I would ask you this: Are you REALLY crumbling at the thought of that meeting, that interview or that sales call?

How small and mundane must that once insurmountable task feel now?

I’ll ask you another question: While you’re relishing in that moment of astonishment at all your successes, are you REALLY struggling to string a few sentences together for your website or your next blog? ♡

Go on, I dare you: List everything you KNOW you are proud of right now. Fold the piece of paper into a manageable piece. Pop it into your purse or handbag. Pull it out whenever you need to write or make a phone call.

'Where to begin,' she marvelled #morethanjustwordsmydear #wordsbyalicia #copywriting
‘Where to begin,’ she marvelled

Okay, okay, so I’ll share with you some of the things that I’m proud of from my life in order to jog your brain so you can write yours.

I’m pretty happy that I:

* Had various hobbies growing up – roller skating, bike riding, climbing trees, reading, writing, singing, song writing and drawing, allowing me to express my creativity and freedom and live a full life

* Completed my undergrad studies with a full set of blood, sweat, tears and a bit of cement… in my heart. I was 1400ks away from home and cried myself to sleep many, many times.

* Knew when I was NOT to trifle, play or walk away from the boy I’d met. Although it felt like he’d never look my way and I didn’t stand half a chance, he saw my soul ♡ and he became my husband.

* Held various jobs in various industries in my 20’s. Although it was the LAST thing I was proud of at the time, I am always grateful to understand others due to the different bits and pieces of knowledge and exposure in life I have picked up along the way

What are YOU proud of? Share with me in the comments below! Then share with your audience!