Proofing & Editing

Injecting more of YOU into your business!

I can help you with:

  • Your Offers
  • Landing Page
  • Email Sequence
  • Website Copy
  • Blog Entries

Let me help you inject more of YOU into your business copy!

There is nothing I love more than immersing myself into the world you have created with your words.

The images that play out in my mind are like watching a movie –  I can be there and feel the emotions you are evoking; I can be lost in your world and your story. Try me!

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of proofing & editing what you’ve already spent precious time writing? 

That is when you specifically need someone who will partner up with you and inspire you to bring this thing to life! I can do that for you.

I have a 3-tier process, all included in the same price:

  • spelling and grammar
  • written cohesion and story telling, filling in missing gaps
  • voice cohesion, maintaining your brand and your ideal client in mind

To find out what package would work best for you and your business right now, click the button below to book in a quick chat.


“Alicia has impeccable standards! She is so lovely and enjoys analysing deeply. You are bound to receive guidance that truly reflects your essence.”

~ Emma at Emma McCann Coaching, Canberra