So the business world has changed a LOT since the 2000’s. Back then, the big honchos ruled the world and “the people” had to click on the complaints button – a lot. Fast forward about 10 years and the big honchos came down to the peoples’ level in terms of easy communication and, wait for it, relationship.

All Hail the Big Honchos - Words By Alicia - LUCID Copywriting

All Hail the Big Honchos

Where once upon a time you had to write a hardcopy letter to stipulate your dissent with a company and send it off via snail mail to their headquarters (and it was near commonplace), these days it only takes a Comment on said company’s latest post on their Socials to make them buckle towards a favourable response. An immediate reply follows suit, offering some way to appease the upset customer because now, we are all “in it” together. There is no great divide between the “big honcho” and the people. We are all in relationship with each other.

So once upon a time I might have been a big honcho to you, hehe – for the pure fact that I’m running a business. You might have been my client and we might have had some kind of friendly relationship but you certainly wouldn’t have known what my favourite ice-cream was!

Not so these days, however, but I’m stuck in old-school land where I don’t naturally tend to share (mundane, I mean, interesting) things about me with the whole world. I realise, suddenly, that I need to get out of this thought pattern.

In honour of my moving forward from this old-school thought, today I am going to admit to you that I’m totally weirded out by the prospect of sharing more personal things with the world. Apparently, I’m supposed to be really real and raw and tell you about the really normal, everyday stuff of my life.

She Loved Doing Very Normal Things - Words By Alicia - LUCID Copywriting

She Loved Doing Very Normal Things

Let me tell you, sharing tid-bits about my personal life used to be fun in my 20’s when I was hanging out with friends all the time, you know, dinners and dancing the nights away. But then I became a mama to my beautiful girl and life became all about her. People were interested in that part of my journey and it was fun to share about early parenting as well. But now? Sometimes I feel like life has gotten to a point where I’m pretty sure that what I’m doing is what everyone else is doing! *facepalm*

If I were to share about how normal my life is, I would tell you that I was a flat-out nerd in high school, then I became “cool” at uni (hay, I was in a BAND). Then I was kind of cool-but-weird at work, where I’d completely zone out in front of the computer and my bosses would come up behind my chair and shake it in an attempt to jolt me out of my concentration (I thought they were just trying to be annoying – boys will be boys, type thing – but they were probably just trying to get me out of my zoned-out lull). Then I became a mum and whoever is a mum knows what that all entails and we all know how to be a mum. Somehow. I hope.

She Admits That She Was a Nerd in High School - Words By Alicia - LUCID Copywriting

She Admits That She Was a Nerd in High School

But what of my life now, you ask? To celebrate my very normal life and, therefore, to open up to the possibilities of sharing more with you, here goes:

  • My top favourite thing to do is to read – honestly, that’s what I like doing. I like reading. I’m reading books on de-cluttering at the moment – I’m reading KonMari and another one – 2 books on decluttering at the same time!
  • I went shopping tonight and had dinner while there – I really enjoy this Japanese, tofu soup-thing with udon noodles, and it’s incredibly yummy but I don’t know what it’s called!
  • Last week, I went to a deer sanctuary. Here’s a clincher – I am a homeschooling mum. Wait, let me check what I’m wearing to verify that – yep, with my ripped, bright green, zipped-up jersey (flared sleeves and power-flower stitching), I am. But I scrub up okay for our 1on1 Consultations, yeah? 😉
    (Did you know that deer antlers grow to a certain extent and then fall off? Then they grow new ones!)
  • I also really love coffee and much prefer making my own espresso at home (!) and the best coffee to date is a beautifully smooth and delicious one from North Queensland from a coffee grinder called Sipping Duck. Yes, you can order online. (I’m also trying to get into fresh tea).
  • Speaking of tea, this weekend, I’m going to a Ladies High Tea and I’m excited about that. Cute dress, heels and make-up – here I come!
Very Normal Things Like Coffee... and Food - Words By Alicia - LUCID Copywriting

Very Normal Things Like Coffee… and Food

Well, I’ve just jumped that hurdle so why not you? If you’re feeling like business should be “just business” all thanks to what the business world taught us 10+ years ago, how about you tell us all: What very real and very normal things are you into these days – particularly things that YOU would think were TOTALLY boring (but is possibly REALLY interesting to the rest of the world)? Comment below and then share a blog on it too! Let’s share in this greater collective relationship. I would love to know where to find your blog post, too!