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A warm welcome to you to all things job-searching

We have all been there – countless job applications with no return phone calls for an interview. It is frustrating, not to mention disheartening. Well I’m here to tell you that it is all in the way your skills shine (or shy away) in your Resume & Cover Letter and I can help with making sure that it is a Shine and not a Shy!

The way I work on your Resume & Cover Letter is as follows:-

  1. Analyse what you’ve got and flesh out the skills that are written between the lines
  2. Match up what you’ve got to the Position you are applying for
  3. Edit & re-arrange the content in the Resume & Cover Letter to ensure the matched-up skills will be noticed by your potential employer

It becomes a gorgeous mix of art & psychology. Clients like you have written excitedly to tell me that they have lined up a job interview after sending their application with the documents I worked on for them and I want to do the same for you!

If you would like Creative, Authentic and Passionate service, click on Contact and I look forward to assisting you during this exciting (nerve-racking?!) transition.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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No more wondering why you’re not getting those interviews

Basic Package

Perfect when you know exactly what job you are applying for and have a good chance of getting it because you know someone who knows someone.

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Selection Criteria (up to 6)
  • Review of your LinkedIn Profile

Up to $300.00 AUD

Advanced Package

You’ll want this one when you’re stepping out into the job-search arena with eyes a little wide open because about 87% of recruiters view your LinkedIn Profile in order to help them through the decision-making process – and you definitely want to be on there! I’ve also packaged it with 1 hour’s Interview Coaching to work through your fears and prepare you for the interview.
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Selection Criteria (up to 8)
  • Review and Editing of your LinkedIn Profile
  • 1 hour Interview Coaching
$510.00 AUD

Advanced Package

A unique program

No other Resume service provides this option and the beauty of this program is that it supports you through your career transition, which is a very difficult time to go through! Life continues its course, whilst you’re writing up job applications and sending away and keeping up to date with where they are at > all of this is an added stress!

I can make all of that easier for you with this program – I stay in touch with you for a period of 6 weeks via phone and email and you have someone holding your hand all the way.

What you get:

  • Direct strategy for your job-searching
  • Opportunity to air some thoughts out and have a listening ear
  • We follow the Job Search Task List every week to ensure you’re on track
  • I work on your LinkedIn Profile (or create one for you) and
  • Provide 1 hour’s Interview Coaching
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter & Selection Criteria

If you have someone to be accountable to throughout your job searching, you should be able to secure Job Interviews quickly.

Value $1370

$919.00 AUD