I was lost in my thoughts, completing some repetitive data entry. I tend to do this when I am completing that kind of work – I find it quite calming and centering actually. I might be doing data entry as mentioned, or washing the dishes (yes, by  hand) or sweeping the outside patio.

Suddenly I thought to myself about the concept of Time and how we use it. When we think to ourselves, ‘I better not waste one minute of my day today because……I’ll never get it back’, we place a tremendous amount of pressure on ourselves. It has occurred to me that we need to stop thinking of Time as though it were ever an option to ‘get it back’ in the first place. You can never get time back – and you were never able to.


Note being able to get Time back might sound quite scary but it is not meant to be. I actually think that when we think of time as ‘getting away’ or ‘running away’ or as though ‘time is ending’, that sounds scary – because nobody wants anything valuable to disappear. Not memories, not someone we love, not our favourite pair of jeans! And certainly not Time.
We need to see Time as the ‘state of presence’ that it is. You are either in the state , ‘in the moment’, or you’re not. You are either feeling ‘in the flow’ or you’re not.

Many people out there like to tout that ‘time is money’ or that ‘time is of the essence’. There are a plethora of books teaching you how to ‘maximise your time’. That is, to find every spare 15 minutes that you are supposedly wasting, and do something! *Get off your butt and do something with that 15 minutes already!*
But I will tell you something incredibly radical right now: It does not matter what it is that you’re doing with your time. Whether you complete a task or whether you sing a song or whether you sleep cos the baby’s sleeping or whether you make a million bucks in investments today – you’re never going to get that time back.

But will you lay your head on your pillow at night and feel deeply satisfied that you were in zen today? That you were completely and utterly satisfied today? Now there is where the secret lies with the way you spend your time.

I am realising more and more of late, that Time IS.

Time is what it IS.

And when you sit with that (go on,sit with it for a moment… close your eyes and sit with it), you will also realise that what truly matters from moment to moment is this: JOY.

Joy in the moment.

That’s what truly matters.

Everything else WILL come.