I have needed my own little mental space so bad…. so bad…

I am finally finished with the Homeschooling report to be sent off to the Government Department. This is a really tricky task because – at the risk of rubbing some people the wrong way – in all blatant honesty, it’s just that what the majority see as ‘a good education’ isn’t what I view as a good education. (I loved school, I did fine. But my daughter isn’t like me).

Imagine building a really awesome cubbyhouse and along comes a builder (whose sole aim of his career is to build humungous buildings that will house several floors into the sky) and he tells you that you MUST measure up your cubbyhouse to his skyscrapers, otherwise it’s no good. But YOU know that your cubbyhouse brings wholesome joy, hours of play, and the people in it will STILL get to the other side of the yard unscathed. My, to the other side of the WORLD! Because while the people inside the SKYSCRAPER were worried about completing deadlines and pleasing others, the little people inside the wonky cubbyhouse learned how to fix it when it broke, how to amend it when they grew out of it, and how to simply move it when it no longer served them.

But here I am, having to explain to the builder of skyscrapers how my cubbyhouse will fit office furniture and withstand the test of aeroplanes flying by.

(Now imagine trying to do that when you have merely cubbyhouse language!)

Words By Alicia, Copywriting

The cubbyhouse will still get me to the other side

So I’m thinking about all of this and realising that this does not pertain to Homeschooling only. (Those rubbed the wrong way, you can come back into the conversation now). It pertains to financial structures chosen, home and property ownership, the types of holidays that a family prefers to take and, hay presto, business. Every single time we make a life choice, we are carving out our own path. It might look like we’re following the most ideal formula created somewhere, sometime, by our grandparents or our best friend who once told us the best thing to do was to buy shares at XYZ Company, but ultimately it is OUR choice. We are building the cubbyhouse (or the skyscraper) and it is going to be completely different to the next cubby or power tower.

We don’t need to feel intimidated by someone else’s opinion. Whether it’s what you should wear, what brands you should support or whether you bake gluten-free, sugar-free and nut-free muffins for the school P&C, nobody’s opinion but your own counts. Heck, I need to not feel intimidated by the Government’s assessment of my ability to teach my child! We all have our various crosses to bear.

But forget sugar in muffins, let’s talk about business. For all my love of supporting you in your blogging journey or overall website copy (because I love all things words!) the fact is that, when it comes down to it, it’s all about the preciousness of business and whether I am putting my big girl pants on each and every day or not.

Here is my confession: I don’t like putting on my big girl pants on. I just don’t. All I want is to lay on the grass under the sunshine, hug some trees and strum on my guitar. Come join me! That’s really what I’d love to do all day, every day. But for now, that’s not what life looks like. So I must, upon waking each and every day, make that choice: To put my brave face on and just get happenin’. I know I’m not the only mumma who faces each day with that exact choice to make.

Words By Alicia, Copywriting

Her big pants were pinstripe serious

But do you know what keeps me going? The fact that, despite trying to explain to the skyscraper builder that I just want a cubbyhouse, I have made this choice.

  • I chose to become a mumma and how empowering is that.
  • I chose to go into business and how empowering is that.
  • Our choices carve out our life’s journey and HOW EMPOWERING IS THAT!

We have the CHOICE in this amazing, sun-ridden country to make all kinds of decisions but, in the rush of bills, emails and school runs, we forget to take a moment and relish in that fact. When we stop to think about the fact that our livelihoods, in their entirety, are a conglomerate of our own life choices we can only sit with gratitude because, if there is a change to make, we can make that choice.

So whether it is a cubbyhouse that you’re building, or a skyscraper; and whether you’re facing the daily grind or strumming your guitar in the forest, this is your choice. Today I want to empower you and encourage you in that, whatever it is you’re doing, you have the right to build that cubbyhouse! Nobody else’s opinions should sway you and your heart elsewhere. Stand in your power and weather the storm of others’ opinions. When you understand that others’ opinions are based solely on their own life experiences and agendas – which have nothing to do with you – you will see what I see: Others’ opinions do not count.

You have made your choice and it is an AMAZING choice. You know why? Because it’s YOUR choice. That, dear gorgeous woman, is ALL that matters.

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