I’ve been wondering, for a long time now, how to combine the two great loves of my life in order to make my vacation my vocation: Writing and Supporting People. These two seemed so far apart but I knew that there had to be a connection somewhere.

So I started out with one of them: writing Resumes and supporting people going through the transition from one old job to another. I have loved helping people with their Resumes for years, long before it ever became a paid service. But when I turned it into a paid service, I more than delighted in adding consulting as part of it all – that way I got to chat and “coffee” and “people” and help all at once.

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Well, it’s been a true pleasure. I will always gain pleasure from helping people through this particular transition in life. However, I know that there is so much more that I can do! I am excited to share it!

For you see, my other great love is watching and supporting people blooming into the next phase of their life. I have had the true pleasure of providing a different perspective or unlocking someone from the mental place they were stuck in.

They have moved forward with a brand new idea. I secretly revel in the fact that I was there when the idea was finally unlocked in their minds. I love being part of the journey.

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What gives me the utmost pleasure in it all is that someone has bloomed, grown and moved forward. I follow a YouTuber and have watched her videos from many years ago and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see how far she has come since she started. I have the same feeling towards many people in my life and towards many clients I have helped. There is no bigger pleasure in life for me than exactly that.

So how can I combine writing and supporting people? Through a phenomenon called Writing Therapy.

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Just what is that, I hear you ask?

Well, it is just like meeting with a Life Coach, except that you have the freedom to write your thoughts, emotions and answers to the particular questions that I guide you through. From there, we have an open discussion about what you’ve written. You also have the option to share only what you feel comfortable sharing.

How wonderful is that! So many people can feel guarded towards their innermost thoughts, feelings and personal life experiences. They will keep it inside and not share it with anybody. But does that mean that healing should not be an opportunity for them? Not at all.

That is where I can help: I understand deep grief. I understand personal and interpersonal shame. I understand darkness.

Let’s write it all out and only share what we are comfortable sharing. Your answers and your notes are your own. I am here to help you wade through the waters and to help guide you forward.

For your Writing Therapy session with me, please click on Contact and I look forward to assisting you through whatever block you are experiencing right now.