636016923904991017-1944026361_worry-distress-jpgMaybe you’re just starting out in business and you don’t know which steps to take, or maybe you’re having some confusing thoughts about your child or your teenager, or perhaps you’re not sure where your marriage is headed and you’re not sure if a break-up is imminent in the future? Maybe you’re feeling left out and you’re not sure who your friends are anymore?

Sometimes Life becomes overwhelming and confusing. When we are in that spot, it can be really difficult to see past the mire in our minds.

I believe that our journey in life is entirely our own and that we can gain amazing clarity from our own life experiences. But if we are feeling stuck, it is not always easy to find that guidance within ourselves.

That is where sharing these thoughts and emotions with a Coach such as myself can provide you with tools to work with. It’s like the escalator that’s playing up after you’ve done all your shopping, and all it takes is for the security guard to press that red button to get it back on track again.  When it comes to our own personal dilemmas, the red button is in in our own mind. Sometimes it just takes working with someone to find it.

I welcome you, and I am eager to help you to organise your thoughts and concerns through guiding your discovery of new perspectives. Sharing your troubles with someone who is there to listen can give you fresh insight to empower you to move on to where you need to be.

Using simple and straightforward guidance to help you move past confusion, ambiguity and overwhelm, I partner up with you to assist you to gain perspective and clarity on where you need to go next in your personal journey of life.

We may work through a specific concern that you are currently experiencing, or you  may choose from one of my pre-set Courses that are designed to help you to understand the different aspects of your life. Through Understanding we gain Freedom.

If you’re experiencing a feeling of being stuck in life and you do not know how to make sense of it; if you are confused, you’re not sure whether to deal with it or to walk away, and you need to come up with a plan of resolution, I would love to help you find the clarity you need and I look forward to hearing you!

Please contact me to arrange your Coaching Session.