15-self-portraitThis week I was challenged in life and not because there was too much to do. Nor too many places to see. Nor too many adventures to complete. But simply that there were too many aspects of….. well, Me.
Do you feel that way? Do you feel that there are many facets of you and that each facet expresses itself differently? This of course is fairly normal. We all have different roles that we play within our different relationships and within our different environments. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this – it is the course of human nature. Different relationships and different environments bring these different aspects of our personality out into the open.

I experience this diversity of personality within each of my friendships. My creative friends feed my creative side; my quiet & shy friends feed my introspective side; my classy-chickie friends feed my love for lively conversation (and coffee). And so on it goes.
But here I was this week – feeling stuck. Just who have I come to be? Am I the wild creative, or am I the analytical researcher, or am I the heart-centred parent? I realised over the course of last week that not only did I see every facet of Me as though they were separate entities inside me, but I couldn’t even handle metaphorically seeing them all standing in a neat row before me. I was deeply overwhelmed. ‘There is just too much of me,’ I thought.
Or perhaps, too many of me?
In a world where self-branding is the much-toted advice, I had a lot of trouble getting past this. ‘How am I supposed to self-brand when I am overwhelmed by my plethora of self?’ I spent days in this frenzy of questioning and trying to find comfort.
And then it hit me:- It’s okay.
Maybe I could just turn my headspace around and use a string of healthier and more reassuring words in place of the negative? Was I really all that much? Was I really such an impossible plethora?
Women are taught that we are too much. Don’t laugh too loud. Don’t smile too big. Don’t flirt. Don’t wear those clothes. Don’t eat that food. And it can go on and on and on, and these adopted beliefs end up cramming us into a tiny little box, from which we try to do what we must do each and every day.
But I came through this week with positive reassurances, and I am here at the end of this week to tell you this: It’s okay.
You’re not ‘too much’ – instead, you are who you were born to be. You’re not ‘impossible’ – instead, you are GREAT, and everybody’s opinions around you and all those adopted beliefs are too small for you. You’re not a ‘plethora’…. of anything – instead, you are colourful.
And isn’t this so wonderful to be?
Are you feeling stuck with something in your life – a bit of dull headspace that you can’t seem to get around? Do you have a bit of mental goo that keeps you stuck and not doing, or not getting out there, or not speaking up? Not living your favourite life? Are you stuck with a friendship or relationship, or maybe you don’t know what the next step in your career should be?
If this is you, then I invite you to make contact with me. Let’s get together on Skype so that we can start to unfold the layers of the murk, and to bring you out into freedom and confidence!
Having grown within myself this week, and realising that I am colourful, savvy and strong, I’ve finally been able to be excited about finding women out there who are also colourful, savvy and strong. And that is YOU. And if you are Suddenly Stuck, then let’s get life happening for you!