Have you ever wondered if you could work flexible hours from home? I was recently asked how one can become a freelance writer and earn an income from it. They thought I would be the best person to ask because (quoting them), I’m already a writer.


It feels amazing when someone else shares their wonderful perception of you! Yes, I am actually a writer, come to think of it! With my absolute love for words and everything geeky like that, I have always had a knack for it and a love for learning of it. Was I the best person to ask? Well, let me sit in gratitude with that for a moment…

… and yes, let me share my answer with you too! So here we go:

There are lots of Resume Writers out there and the crowd is, admittedly, a bit saturated. But becoming a Resume Writer is an option. I know that “anyone” can be a Resume Writer and if you’re willing to put in the effort to get the word out there about what you do, then it’s a great option to go for! It’s not limited to Resume writing as you can also do up Cover Letters and Selection Criteria (the latter is never as hard as people think it is! The crux of the matter is telling what you need to tell in as concise a manner as possible!) You can also help out with setting up LinkedIn profiles, (which is NOT just a replica of the Resume!), if that is something you would like to do.
As I really enjoy teaching what I know and have put on workshops to teach the very thing that I do for my clients, I would be MORE than happy to coach you on that, if you were interested. Sharing a cup of coffee over our 2 Hour Coaching Session, I would be more than happy to set you up with the knowledge to get you started.
The other type of writing service that is popular is Content Writing – which is writing blogs and social posts for a business, ideally with the intent to connect to those business’ clients. This means getting into the nitty-gritty of what that business does, what they offer and what type of client is attracted to them, in order for you be able to write the content. For example, there’s no use writing about a celebration with balloons released into the air to an audience made up of environmentally-aware mums. Also, if you enjoy writing about a particular topic, you  may wish to target those businesses that specialise in that topic, eg: You might love health and you could then write on behalf of a Nutritionist?
The other is Copywriting – which is writing website pages and blogs, this time with the intent to, not only connect to the client, but also ensure that what has been written can potentially be picked up in search engines. Although not necessarily advertised on their websites, Copywriters usually have a degree in one stream or another. Eg: A law firm might have their own Copywriter who would most likely have a law degree behind them. Other Copywriters write for marketing purposes so they might have a Marketing or Psychology Degree.
Proofing & Editing seems to be something that is offered alongside Content Writing and Copywriting.
Many times, setting yourself up as a Resume Writer or even a Virtual Assistant, you can work from home.
In saying all of that, I’ve noticed that there are writing jobs being advertised on Seek and Jora and the likes, though I’m not sure if they would be work-from-home options (if that’s what you were looking for). But working for an employer as a writer isn’t a bad option either! Especially when they might be able to train you up in what they desire. Ain’t nobody ever said No to training at a new job!
There are various ways to “getting out there” and although it can be cheap or free (because the world runs on social media these days), it’s not always easy when you don’t have some funds for some advertising or a few business cards. Such was my case when I first started out 2 years ago. My husband and I decided that if this was going to work for us, it had to “prove itself” the way our main business did. So I set out with nothing! (Writing doesn’t have huge overheads, so it was okay).
However, with a little consistency in your marketing via Facebook, Instagram or using Pinterest to take traffic to your website, you will start getting known for what you do! You just need to be patient and, besides, hasn’t it always been said that it takes about 2 years for a small business to truly know whether it’s headed somewhere good or not?
In order to reach businesses, you also need to get serious about hanging out on LinkedIn. Sometimes that can take a bit of learning of a whole new world and what comes with it, its culture and lingo and such.
Everything is online these days, although I have to say that there are some industries that have remained old-school. So the industry you’re interested in might be the same – every business and every industry is completely different to the next. Mine and hubby’s automotive business has, surprisingly, not taken well to the few modern twists we’ve tried to add over the past 6 years – despite our best efforts. Yet it seems to thrive – purely on Word Of Mouth. (If you’re curious: our other business is http://www.exactautoelectrics.com)
I personally have been posting about my writing services in Facebook Groups as my marketing method; and maintaining my Facebook Page so that when people are curious they can get onto my Page and see something interesting such as tips and tricks, or whatever I’ve been up to on the weekend. I also try and direct people to my website whenever possible.
What do you enjoy writing?
One thing to consider is a topic that you are passionate about: for example, Gardening. What about starting to write for businesses that would be down that ally? You wouldn’t have to stick to your favourite topic – it would just make it fun and not a chore at all!
Well, I will be moving into Copywriting in 2019. With my degrees in Psychology and Human Resources, and a dash of cleverness for all the stuff I’ve observed and learned the last 20 years via studies, work and business , I figure it’s time to start putting the word out there!
So if YOU need Copywriting for your website and business blog – and you’re in Finance, Education or Health & Beauty – keep an eye out for updates on my website with those services.
In the meantime, I welcome you to book a chat with me about what I could do for you!