One of the aspects of writing about our business is that it invariably involves some telling of who we are, as people. But where on earth to start? It can be so difficult to work out just what parts of oneself are to be shared in our business copy and what should be best left to personal stories with friends and family?

What’s so important about sharing who we are, anyway? You might ask. ‘Can’t I just talk about my business, it is so much easier to do that,’ You might say. We find it difficult to talk about ourselves because we’ve been told a lifetime that we mustn’t – we mustn’t boast, or that we must be careful of who we trust in, or that we should keep the business and personal spheres of life seperate. But life and society change over time and new trends emerge and new etiquette is formed.

The rise of social media has quickly led to a blurring of the old-school lines where each facet of our lives really was kept secret from the other. I remember walking into the office on a Monday morning and (back when social media hadn’t take over life yet) we actually got to ask the person sitting next to us, “So what did you get up to over the weekend?” and she would proceed with hushed tones, admitting that she’d had a crazy night out on the Saturday night. I imagine that, if I were in the workforce now, I wouldn’t even need to ask her about her weekend? It probably sounds more like, “So who was that guy?” and my workmate would immediately know what I was referring to.

I also remember when business copy was extremely polished, prim and proper. It was very business-like and sometimes even incomprehensible. But these days, the likes of MailChimp like to have fun and funny quips on their website, like “Confirm your humanity” and “Bon voyage test email!” Don’t mind me, but these give me a little chuckle – every time.

I don’t know who the people behind MailChimp are, myself. I probably should have done a Google on them by now – no excuse, right. But whoever they are, they sure know how to bring me a sense of… humanity… and joy to my life! Somebody behind the scenes is sharing their personality with us and although it could be nearly insignificant, it’s actually quite significant. Things have changed and those of us in business are actually allowed to have a sense of humour! Or, how about writing, simply, the way we speak? (Like I’m doing right now).

This, here, is a perfect example of WHY it is important for us to get out there and tell our story! It can be as simple as using your favourite words in your copy – words that you use every day. Or it could be a little more involved, such as writing your About Me Page and actually telling the story of how you arrived to where you are today. Or perhaps it’s sharing a blog where you will open up with your tribe about a certain life experience that you had and how it helped you to grow.

So be bold, be brave! Know in your heart that it’s okay and encouraged to be human! To share more of you – your tribe wants to know more of you.

If you would like assistance with your About Me Page, I can help with any part of the writing process. Have you already written it but you’re feeling unsure whether it’s entirely relevant? Or are you stuck at the very beginning of the process, unable to piece more than a couple of sentences together?

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