Introvert and HSP in Business

Lately, I have heard a lot about this seeming new concept that the world of business has been primarily designed by extroverts for extroverts. What are your thoughts on this? I personally believe that this could be true for the world and life at large, don’t you think? Are you an introvert or HSP in... Continue Reading →

Being Woman: Love, LinkedIn and Life

It’s 3 minutes till 6:00pm on a Monday evening and I am waiting for my daughter to finish her Gymnastics class. While she has been busy swinging from the bars and walking the beams ever so elegantly, I have been boggling my brains with a hundred emails in this block of 1.5 hours that I have. Someone once told me that mixing... Continue Reading →

Being Woman: Easing Up on Ourselves

It was International Women’s Day in March and I swear I had never heard so much about International Women’s day as I did this year. Part of me was rolling my eyes and thinking, ‘Here we go – Halloween, Easter and now Women’s Day.’ Don’t mind me, I’m a bit cynical about everything – at... Continue Reading →

Lay Back, Relax: Time is What It Is

I was lost in my thoughts, completing some repetitive data entry. I tend to do this when I am completing that kind of work – I find it quite calming and centering actually. I might be doing data entry as mentioned, or washing the dishes (yes, by  hand) or sweeping the outside patio. Suddenly I... Continue Reading →

You Are NOT Too Much

This week I was challenged in life and not because there was too much to do. Nor too many places to see. Nor too many adventures to complete. But simply that there were too many aspects of….. well, Me. Do you feel that way? Do you feel that there are many facets of you and that... Continue Reading →

A Little More Zen

We are now mid-through the calendar year and stats say that by now, most people have given up on their New Year Resolutions.What were your new year resolutions? Was it to get fitter? Was it to eat healthier? Was it to focus more clearly on a particular aspect of business? Was it to get organised and... Continue Reading →

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