A Little More Zen

We are now mid-through the calendar year and stats say that by now, most people have given up on their New Year Resolutions.What were your new year resolutions? Was it to get fitter? Was it to eat healthier? Was it to focus more clearly on a particular aspect of business? Was it to get organised and... Continue Reading →

Be Your Unique, Beautiful Self

We don’t make it a habit to walk up to people and say to them, “Your big beautiful smile radiates so much light and love around you, and you inspire me and encourage me.” We don’t make that a habit. Which means that sometimes we do not realise just how precious our very own self is –... Continue Reading →

I Welcome Inner You

Maybe you’re just starting out in business and you don’t know which steps to take, or maybe you’re having some confusing thoughts about your child or your teenager, or perhaps you’re not sure where your marriage is headed and you’re not sure if a break-up is imminent in the future? Maybe you’re feeling left out and... Continue Reading →

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