Blog Copy

Infusing your blog with YOUR story

Would you agree that writing is not everyone’s cup of tea? But it is my cup of coffee!


We might know exactly what we’re all about and we might have the words but, for whatever reason, when we translate our message into words, we can feel nervous or overwhelmed, wondering whether we have written it correctly or whether it will connect beautifully with our tribe? Losing our tribe’s love and attention is the last thing we want. We desire for them to enjoy what we have to share!

We long to feel confident, orgnised and in control. But it seems like a confusing task that ends up being put on hold, on file, in a waiting list of other tasks that are sitting there too. It all gets too much – the follow-ups, the phone calls and wait, you  mean the blogging too?!

Would you like help with your blogging? After all, it is what keeps your website alive! It is what creates trust and connectedness from your visitors very quickly. It is what can drive your social posts and emails. Besides, I am positive that there is a writer in all of us and I know that I can pull the story out of what you’ve written and make it pop the champagne!

Let me partner up with you to truly connect with your tribe, helping you to proverbially sit around the fire and … tell stories!

Blog Copywriting Options




1x Blog written from scratch, as needed

Up to 800 words

Extra $50 for up to 1200 words


$250.00 AUD



Blogging Fortnightly

Give me your topics and/or ideas

1x blog per fortnight (up to 800 words each)

$50 per extra words (up to 400)

Includes re-purposed content for social posts, ready for you to copy & paste into your platforms

Writing Support and Coaching, as needed

$400.00 AUD p/m



Blogging Weekly

 Give me your initial topics and/or ideas

I create the topics from thereon

1x blog weekly (up to 800 words each)


$50 per extra words (up to 400)

Includes re-purposed content for social posts, taken off your hands VA-style and I post them for you

Writing Support and Coaching, as needed

$700.00 AUD p/m 



Copy Craft Package

Enjoy learning it for yourself?

1 hour consultation where I get to know your business, your messaging and YOU ($130 value)

3 blog post review (and/or up to 2400 words)

Full editing and feedback on above-mentioned 2400 words ($315 value)

Any further meetings, calls and emails required along the way to clarify your messaging ($125 value)

Tips for consistency and keeping your personality in your writing – to have you hit the ground with ongoing writing, expressing and sharing! ($20 value)

Total $590.00 value

ETA 7 days