close-up-1866841_1920We don’t make it a habit to walk up to people and say to them, “Your big beautiful smile radiates so much light and love around you, and you inspire me and encourage me.” We don’t make that a habit. Which means that sometimes we do not realise just how precious our very own self is – because nobody is walking up to us and expressing what they really think or feel about us. Yet, without being aware of it,  every one of us has the natural ability to inspire others. 

Every single person has a unique life experience, with a unique story to tell. What do these stories include? These include lessons found in joys and sorrows. These lessons are not meant to stay inside of us – these are precious gems to be passed on to the next person who needs them. And at the risk of going in quite deeply – this is part of the reason why we are here. We are here to share, to give, and to assist. How? Miraculously enough, by simply being our unique selves.

So the next time that you are feeling like there is no sense or drive or point to what you do in your everyday life – just remember that by living YOUR unique life, and learning YOUR unique lessons, and being YOUR unique self, you are inspiring someone else out there. Do you know of it? Perhaps not. But I’m telling you now that YOU DO inspire others.

So keep doing it! Keep being your beautiful unique self! And keep your head up!