When Confidence Hits a Low

Sometimes we can sit down at our desks, ready to compose that next blog but fall short with a bout of uncertainty. It made sense in our heads, we have a content plan and we've had our morning coffee. But suddenly the words just don't come and the inspiration runs dry; we're wondering if anyone... Continue Reading →

Introvert and HSP in Business

Lately, I have heard a lot about this seeming new concept that the world of business has been primarily designed by extroverts for extroverts. What are your thoughts on this? I personally believe that this could be true for the world and life at large, don’t you think? Are you an introvert or HSP in... Continue Reading →

Editing: Did the lady eat her dog?

Would you like to know how to ensure that your next blog reads beautifully and purposefully for your tribe? I was reading a favourite blogger's blog the other day, let's call her Angela. Angela is currently interviewing others in her field and posting these as blogs. What a clever idea! These interviews are usually quite... Continue Reading →

Others’ Opinions and My Guitar

I have needed my own little mental space so bad.... so bad... I am finally finished with the Homeschooling report to be sent off to the Government Department. This is a really tricky task because - at the risk of rubbing some people the wrong way - in all blatant honesty, it’s just that what... Continue Reading →

More About Me?! Yowch!

So the business world has changed a LOT since the 2000’s. Back then, the big honchos ruled the world and “the people” had to click on the complaints button – a lot. Fast forward about 10 years and the big honchos came down to the peoples’ level in terms of easy communication and, wait for... Continue Reading →

Go On, Tell Your Story

One of the aspects of writing about our business is that it invariably involves some telling of who we are, as people. But where on earth to start? It can be so difficult to work out just what parts of oneself are to be shared in our business copy and what should be best left... Continue Reading →

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