When I was a child I dreamed of having a little girl. We would be the best of friends. I longed for her so much that I used to spend time creating long lists of girls’ names. I liked exotic names like Melody, Sadie and Liberty. I also made up some of my own like Desakkanie (don’t ask). But by the time I was 20, I was a little bit jaded with life and, although I met my husband that year and he was talking about marriage and family within 2 months of our dating, I kept fobbing off his genuine attempts at these topics. After all, he was but a boy of 18 – I wasn’t going to place all my hope on the first boy who ever treated me right. Like I said, jaded.

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Where could an 18 year old boy lead her

This young boy sure did prove himsself beautifully and he did become my (amazing) husband. After 10 years together (and 10 years of an aching agony, waiting for the baby girl I ever dreamed of), we had a beautiful baby girl. By the time she did come along, I could not have jumped head into my pregnancy, birth and motherhood more deeply. To this day being Mother runs thickly in my blood and I wear my badge of Motherhood proudly. For ME, gone are the days of endless coffee dates at whim with friends and gone has been any notion of a traditional career.

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The mini best friend

This may not be every mother’s choice and that is the beauty of Motherhood; but no matter how we all became mothers or what our mothering choices are, we have one thing that draws us together: The ability to make powerful decisions. How many times have we had to act at lightning speed at a piercing scream? Or how many times have we had to make the choice between a long drive to a friend’s dinner party or the infant’s car sickness? Or the decision between birthday cocktails versus being fully present with our sick child instead. These are all powerful decisions.

Now, just like we can use that power for our children, we can use that same power for ourselves, our marriages and our businesses. Ever thought about that?

Take that power that you exude so effortlessly for your children and inject it into other facets of your life. (I need to do that when it comes to my lack of fitness! But I digress).

  • Could you choose between scrolling through Facebook versus writing your next blog that will build trust between you and your audience?
  • Could you make a snap decision between cleaning the kitchen versus clearing your head for writing your content plan?
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Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling

Take a moment now to grab your notebook and pen, divide the page into 2 columns and write down the top 3 reasons you get interrupted from writing your blog in Column 1.

My top 3 reasons for interruptions caused, stopping me from blogging for my business are:

  1. I suddenly feel a crazy urge to clear my email inbox…
  2. I realise that it’s time for a break and I have a read of my current book while I pour myself a cup of coffee…
  3. I tell myself that I don’t have enough time

Then in Column 2, directly opposite the reasons above, write down a statement that will empower you to do the complete opposite. Mine would look like this:

My top mantras for NO interruptions for blogging for my business are:

  1. My inbox is cleared daily and I allocate time to action emails that require my attention
  2. I am my own boss and I work 2pm-6pm, 4 days per week with a 10 minute break at 4pm.
  3. I have abundance of time between 2pm-6pm and I bring a sharp mind to my work shift

I would love to know what yours are! Let me know by Comment or email!

As to my baby girl’s name? No, we did not name her Melody, Sadie or Liberty. In reality, I’d been keen on the likes of Aisha, Anneleise and Ariana. I also liked names we’d made up such as Jaly and Jordice. But none of these were chosen. My girl’s name is a cute ‘Kaleah’.


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