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Are you a woman in business? You know you should be able to write your About Me, bio or your next blog but, somehow, you know that words are not your forte. “What do I put into my About Me Page or my bio? Why can’t I just be me? Why must I have to write about myself?”


Each one of us has a uniquely designed life that makes for a uniquely designed story! It is ‘telling the story’ where it’s at in business and that is where I come in.

I support you to reach a place of confidence with your own story, your own skillset and how to write in order to capture the attention of your audience.

If you struggle with expressing the true You in your business copy, contact me today to help make your story flow beautifully, strategically and purposefully!

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I’ve always had a keen mind for writing:

  • journalling, writing poetry & songs since age 10
  • attending writing workshops when I was at Uni, then
  • learning all things Job Applications when I stumbled out into the real world.

I had a knack for quickly learning how to write assignments and markedly improving my marks, and once I mastered job applications, I was never without a job for longer than a week. It all came down to ‘giving the lecturer what she wanted’ and ‘giving the recruiter what she was looking for’. It was all about having the ‘awesome words that the audience needed’.

Then I went into business with my husband and I threw myself into researching everything I could about writing for our new website, our printed materials and even a quarterly newsletter that I dedicated myself to. I quickly learned the different formulae available for writing various media and feedback from our clients who enjoyed our newsleter gave me such JOY and satisfaction.

Writing and ‘telling the story’ has always been MY THING.

So now I provide:

  • copywriting for women entrepreneurs
  • I also guide women like you how to do it for yourself!
  • Further, I provide proofing & editing for what you’ve already written

Doing this truly feeds my soul. I thrive on seeing you light up with fresh undrstanding about how to write; how to share with YOUR audience. I love seeing you gain clarity, confidence and direction towards your goal.

I am psychology-oriented and can take a deeper and wider view of life, therefore also able to help you move forward if I see that you are stuck on a personal level.

If you’re usually analytical and highly organised but you’re suddenly stuck because you’re not sure you’ve got your words right, you’ve got me here to help you!

Click on Contact to tell me a little bit more about you and I look forward to meeting you in your journey!



BSocSci(Psych)., GDipBA

Contact Alicia Lee Long - Awesome Words for Your Audience - Copywriting

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