ah-LEE-see-ah... It's Spanish for Alice

Let’s get you out of the rabbit hole

My Why is Your Why

Why am I into this?

Words have always been my thing and it absolutely breaks my heart when I see someone proud as punch of their blog or their Resume and I can clearly see the (few but important) pitfalls, where they are not quite speaking to their intended audience.

Usually, I follow with, “This is what you’ve done really well” (because you’re amazing, no doubt about that) and then a few pointers on how just a little tweak here and there can make a world of difference. I often get, “Wow, I had not seen it that way!”

I can do that for you! This is what I do. I have laser-sharp eyes and a very inquisitive mind that helps me to research deep, far and wide on exactly what your goal (and matching need) is.

> Write the blog that gets your client thinking, ‘Yes! This person gets me and I will pay for their services!’

> Write the job application that gets the recruiter thinking, ‘THIS is the person we need for the job’.

Contact me today to make your writing effortless.

Hi, I’m Alicia

  • The lecturer needed to PASS me (a good idea) so I needed to give the lecturer what he was looking for
  • The recruiter needed to know I was a great fit for their team so I needed to write according to the job advertisement (not just a general mish-mash of what I wanted to show off)
  • Years later when I went into business with my husband our clients needed to know that we were a good business with strong values so I needed to portray our values through every bit of branding that we created – our website, our brochures, our newsletters & emails.

Writing and ‘telling the story’ has always been MY THING.

So now I provide:

  • copywriting for entrepreneurs
  • writing for job applications
  • guidance on how to do it for yourself

If you’re usually analytical and highly organised but you’re suddenly stuck because you’re not sure you’ve got your words right, you’ve got me here to help you!

Click on Contact to tell me a little bit more about you and I look forward to meeting you on your journey!