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You’re probably doing quite well, updating your blog and sending out your regular newsletter. But you’re not entirely sure how to you keep your clients reading and fully capturing what you are trying to convey to them. You’d love to have a really great proof-reader and copywriter; or you might just want to learn it for yourself!

It is ‘telling the story’ where it’s at in business and that is where I come in.

I support you to reach a place of confidence with your business story, your own skillset and how to write in order to capture the attention of your audience.

Contact me today for words that are written beautifully, strategically and purposefully!


“When I go to school, I’m happy – I’m happy, happy, happy, happy!” was my first song at the tender of age of 6! Oh I was a story-teller alright! Little did I know that writing would be a life-long love and eventually lead to my vocation.

Years later at Uni, I had a knack for quickly learning how to write assignments and markedly improving my marks, and once I mastered job applications after Uni, I was never without a job for longer than a week! I found that it all came down to ‘giving the lecturer what she wanted’ and ‘giving the recruiter what she was looking for’. Writing for your audience is super important!

Then I went into business with my husband and I threw myself into researching everything I could about writing for our new website, printed materials and our quarterly newsletter. I quickly learned the different formulae available for writing various media and had great feedback from our clients who enjoyed our newsletter, which gave me such JOY and satisfaction.

Writing for the audience and ‘telling the story’ has always been MY THING.

I can write brand new stuff for you every time and I will thrive on it, but I’ve found that my clients like to learn exactly where they can improve, so what I generally do is:

  • Go through everything you have already written and provide the usual proofing and editing – grammar, syntax and cohesion
  • I go through it again to make sure that your  message is clear in every single paragraph; that means finishing sentences and completing concepts because, often, you know what you’d like to say but it hasn’t quite made it onto the page. Sometimes it means I write entire new paragraphs for you so that your client captures the full essence of the story.
  • I go through it again to make sure that one paragraph flows nicely into the next to ensure that your reader has a seamless experience on your website; I cannot stress how crucially important this is! You want them to feel comfortable and stay for dessert!

Then there’s keywords, your favourite phrases and providing you with prompts for future blogs! You’ll be set for the next 12 months!

Doing this truly feeds my soul. I thrive on hearing the relief in your voice once it all clicks together for you!

If you’re usually analytical and highly organised but you’re suddenly stuck because you’re not sure you’ve got your words right, you’ve got me here to help you!

Click on Contact to tell me a little bit more about you and I look forward to meeting you!


BSocSci(Psych)., GDipBA

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