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Clear & Concise Copy

A warm welcome!

Are you having the worrying wobbles with your words? Or perhaps you just need an extra pair of eyes over your copy? You want Google to be your friend but, most of all, you want your clients to ENJOY what you’ve shared with them – with a cuppa in their hands!

Each one of us has a uniquely designed life and business that makes for an unparalleled story! But how to make your stories (think blog, website, e-newsletters) flow easily so that your scrolling tribe don’t scroll past YOU? It is ‘telling the story’ where it’s at in business and that is where I come in.

I support you to reach a place of CONFIDENCE with your writing, ensuring that you are truly CONNECTING with your tribe.

Contact me today to help make your story flow beautifully, strategically and purposefully!

Who is Alicia Lee Long?

  • journalling, writing poetry & songs since age 10
  • attending writing workshops when I was at Uni (and loving them!), then
  • learning all things Job Applications when I stumbled out into the real world.

Very quickly in life, I learned that it was all about having the ‘awesome words that the audience needed’. The lecturer needed to PASS me (a good idea, that one) and the recruiter needed to know I was a great fit for their team (ie, sometimes you just have to put your degree down at the bottom of your Resume because otherwise everyone will think you’re “over-qualified” for that fish’n’chip store you’re applying at). 

Eventually, I went into business with my husband and I threw myself into researching everything I could about writing for our new website, our printed materials and even a quarterly newsletter that I dedicated myself to. The positive feedback from clients reading our newsletter gave me such a boost – every time!

Writing and ‘telling the story’ has always been MY THING.

So now I provide:

  • copywriting for entrepreneurs
  • I also guide you on how to do it for yourself!
  • Further, I provide proofing & editing for what you’ve already written

Doing this truly feeds my soul. I thrive on seeing you light up with fresh undrstanding about how to write; how to share with YOUR audience. I am psychology-oriented and can take a deeper view of your business and your client. I love seeing you gain clarity, confidence and connectedness with your tribe.

If you’re usually analytical and highly organised but you’re suddenly stuck because you’re not sure you’ve got your words right, you’ve got me here to help you!

Click on Contact to tell me a little bit more about you and I look forward to meeting you in your journey!