We are now mid-through the calendar year and stats say that by now, most people have given up on their New Year Resolutions.What were your new year resolutions? Was it to get fitter? Was it to eat healthier? Was it to focus more clearly on a particular aspect of business? Was it to get organised and stay organised?

My new years resolution was to create and invite more zen into my life. I am the kind of person who never wants to miss out – on anything! I get SO excited about events and people and places and new discoveries. And this excitement leads me to often say YES as an immediate response – to anything. Because it sounds oh so exciting !!! And I love life so much that I just don’t want to miss out on ANY it !
But, possibly to a lot of peoples’ surprise, I am often left drained and exhausted. The correct psychological explanation of an Introvert has nothing to do with how quiet and shy they are – but everything to do with HOW they NEED to “come down”, re-gather and re-focus. I am often cheerful and happy and “bigger than life” apparently! (Much love to that person who gave me that compliment – a beautiful and loving compliment!) Others say I am passionate and burning with fire inside. I like that description also 🙂 My soul is hungry for life.
And yet that hunger works against me. Because at a deep core level, I am psychologically an Introvert ! I NEED time of solace, quiet time to be away from the lights, away from the stimulating noise, away from the people and that chatter and the wonderful conversations that I often love so much, and just be with ME.
Hence, my new years resolution regarded the idea of inviting more of these quiet moments into my life. So far, it’s going well, although Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 with Christmas and all the shebang will prove to be the REAL test, as usual 🙂
If you have fallen off the bandwagon of your new years resolution, and you just need to work through your goals and your mind to get back on – I can help with this! You are most welcome to book a Life Coaching session with me (via Skype) and let’s clear the muggy mess before it gets muggier and before you know it the year has been and gone!